English 12

Course Overview

Language is an integral component of thinking, learning and communicating which is found in all cultures through time. In order for persons to avail themselves of many of life's opportunities, such as work, higher education and social interaction/integration, they must demonstrate adequate proficiency in their use of language. But learning the elements of language (thought and expression) is more than being purely functional. To truly know what it means to be human is benefitted by greater understandings of our common human problems, and there, to take on a more sympathetic stance as a citizen of this world. Our hope in English 12 is to build on the functional foundations of language acquisition and to explore the meaningful nature of human expression. In this regard, our greater focus in English 12 will be that of inter-human inquiry; that is, how we witness and are witnessed, how we know and aspire to be known – for it is there that our experience as persons is most meaningful and most dignifying. In the earliest lessons, therefore, personal writing explorations will focus on learning how to manifest more connection between self and the world (descriptive writing, memoir, free-writing, creative self-understanding) after which time we will endeavor to explore our common human struggles through the conventions of short story, poetry, novel and comparative fictions.

The English 12 program gives students the means to study various forms of fiction and informational literature (including mass and personalized social media) so that as well as being able to better grasp their own personal meanings, they can become more proficient at deconstructing meanings which are imposed, assumed universal, natural or socially appropriate. Following the development of these analytical tools, students will create a critical learning framework to explore a common human theme they care deeply about and then activate their chosen theme through the employ of an array of expressive lenses. Upon completing the course and the rigors within, they will be well prepared to take the provincial exam in English 12.


Time Commitment:

100 hours (3 hours/week linear)


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