Introduction to Video Game Design 11

Course Overview

Introduction to Video Game Design is about building your own games that you can play!

In this course we use Zero Editor supplied by DigiPen. The editor allows us to learn about real coding in a user-friendly environment. During the course, you’ll learn many different elements of game design and then put them together to create 3 unique games that are yours to keep and enjoy.

Game #1 - Sprites and Textures and Physics, oh my!

Rube Goldberg was a crazy but cool artist who drew wacky machines that did simple tasks in the most complicated way possible. In the first section of this course, you will build one! Digitally, of course. By putting different objects together into a realistic physics environment, you’ll create a Goldberg-esque machine. Bonus challenge, can you make it a perpetual motion machine?

Game #2 - Console.WriteLine(“Take me to your leader”);

Be they aliens, asteroids, or what-have-you, our planet is being threatened and we need your help to protect it. For this game, you will begin exploring coding in more depth. You’ll use lines of text to make magic happen on the screen in real time. The challenge here is to think about all the ways different objects in a game interact.

Game #3 - One small step vs. one giant leap!

Time to step it up! You’ll build a platformer for this game. Think classic Mario jumping from platform to platform. It is the largest you’ll build containing multiple levels, various interactions, and sound and visual effects. The challenge is “Can you make it FUN?” Maybe it’s more of a giant leap? This is your final chance to integrate all you’ve learned and make something to be proud of.


Time Commitment:

This course consists of 27 lessons. Each lesson is one game element to be learned and contains a video ranging from 10 - 30 minutes. Students who wish to complete the course in a single semester can complete lessons at their own pace.


Students are required to stream videos contained within the course content, download and install Zero Editor (PC only, sorry!) and upload their assignments within Moodle or send them using file transfer services if they are too large.

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